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Writer’s Guide to Government Information – A New Library Blog

Attention Aspiring (and Accomplished) Writers! We want to let you know about a new library blog, one that is unique and managed by our Undergraduate and User Services Librarian, Kari Mofford. It is called the “Writer’s Guide to Government Information Sources to Inject Real Life Detail into Your Fiction.” Here’s Kari’s description:

“I recently became the new owner/author of the blog, “Writer’s Guide to Government Information Sources to Inject Real Life Detail into Your Fiction.” Over the summer I’ve been editing, link checking, and reading through all the posts to better understand the original author’s vision. Daniel Cornwall, previously a Government Document Librarian, created an amazing reference work in blog format for assisting fiction writers/editors with fact checking and adding realism to stories. His idea was to only use Government web sites, which is very interesting. Not being a Gov. Docs. Librarian, I am learning so much about these resources and how useful they are! After my initial work, I will be adding entries and working on some larger organization/metadata issues.

I loved this blog from first read…as an avid fiction reader, I agree, nothing takes you out of a story faster than facts that are not even close.

That said, I would love to have your feedback and if you have classes or students with creative writing projects, I would enjoy their perspective of what would be helpful for future posts and topics.

While this is made for writers, everyone can enjoy reading this and It serves as a wonderful reference work. “

Here are some posts:

Questions/Comments/Feedback? Please contact Kari at:

WorldCat Subscription Change

The library will be altering its OCLC WorldCat subscription beginning July 1st. This change will yield significant savings and will have minimal impact on our faculty and students. It will not affect the timing of interlibrary loan deliveries. That said, there are a couple of changes you should be aware of:

  • You will no longer have the option of submitting an interlibrary loan request directly from WorldCat. Instead, you will need to enter the citation information in ILLiad (Note: ILLiad is the name of the system we use to submit and manage interlibrary loan requests.)
  • You WILL continue to have access to, but you will only see the holdings of libraries who subscribe to an OCLC product called WorldCat Discovery. A library must subscribe to WorldCat Discovery in order for its holdings to appear in the free

If you’re a frequent user of WorldCat and want to search the Discovery version, you can still do so through the Boston Public Library (BPL). The BPL offers free ecards to Massachusetts residents as well as those who “commute to a Massachusetts employer on a sustained and regular basis.” By using this free ecard, you can use Discovery to see the holdings of libraries regardless of whether they subscribe to the product. In other words, you will find holdings of institutions such as UMass Dartmouth and UMass Amherst even though these libraries don’t subscribe.

We understand that the relationship between WorldCat Discovery and is confusing. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Helpful Links:

Get Books & Articles from Other Libraries

Image of an interlibrary loan vanIs there an article you need for your research, but our library doesn’t have it? Never fear! You can request articles via our interlibrary loan service. It’s a quick and free online process for the active UMD community (faculty/staff/students), and we’ll try to get an electronic copy of your article (pdf) as quickly as possible. Turnaround time varies for those we can obtain, but many articles are received within 48 hours.

Do you need a book we don’t own? The same service can get you books from other libraries! Books we can obtain take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to arrive, so please plan ahead.

Place your article or book ILL requests here:

Questions? Ask a librarian!

Commonwealth Catalog – Now Available at UMassD!


We are pleased to announce that UMass Dartmouth faculty, staff and students can borrow material through the Commonwealth Catalog (ComCat)!

Through ComCat, you can request books, dvds, and music from hundreds of libraries statewide. Most public libraries participate as do a few universities such as UMass Dartmouth, UMass Amherst, and Bridgewater State University. The catalog is a  great place to search for popular books, dvds, and music. Make a request and it will be delivered right to UMass Dartmouth for quick pickup.

Questions? Email

WRC International Write-In Wednesday, December 2 – UMassD Writing and Reading Center in LARTS 219

WRC’s Community Write-InDate: December 2
Time: 8:00pm until Midnight
Place: Writing and Reading Center in LARTS 219

Do you like company?  Do you like late night comfort food?  Do you want to have both in one room to help you push through your last papers of the year?

Then come to our second annual INTERNATIONAL WRITE-IN, sponsored by ARC/Writing and Reading Center tutors, on Wednesday night, December 2nd, 8 p.m. – 12 a.m., at the WRC in LARTS 219-21.  (After 9 p.m.,  access to the building will be from the Campus Center entrance to LARTS.)

We’re joining over 89 schools across the country/world next week who are hosting  write-ins at their campuses.   Writing Center tutors will be circulating to work with anyone who wants to talk about their works-in-progress.

No sign-up necessary, but If you want to commit to attending as a way to make sure you won’t put off your paper-writing, sign up at

All you need is paper, pen or a laptop.  We do have computers available, but bring yours if convenient.

See some of the participating schools at the following link:

Write on….

Questions? Contact: Amy Parelman, UMassD ARC/Writing and Reading Center Director, / 508 910-6410

PubMed now features easy access to full-text articles from the UMassD library!

NCBI PubMed LogoPubMed now features easy access to full-text articles from the UMassD library!

You may already know that many library databases have a link or button labeled Get It!@UMassD. This link brings you to our full-text article access; if we don’t have the article, the button also simplifies the process of requesting it by InterLibrary Loan.

This terrific feature is now available in PubMed, too! Link to PubMed from the library web site, and you’ll see the button

GetIT @ UMassD Button

next to each citation. Click the button to access the full-text of the article or to easily complete an ILL request.

For those of you with a My NCBI account, you can add the library’s button to your account so you’ll see it even if you don’t go to PubMed directly through our web site. In your My NCBI site preferences, choose Outside Tool and find us listed as University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Library. Select us and save your settings, and you’ll always have our handy button available to you!

Questions about PubMed? Hilary Kraus, our Nursing & Health librarian, can help you! E-mail her at or call 508-999-8681.

Black History Month 2014 – Claire T. Carney Library – UMass Darmouth

Black History MonthLibrary of Congress: World-Telegram photo

Small image of front page of Black History Month guideIn celebration of black history month, the Claire T. Carney Library is highlighting select resources. Librarian liaison for African Studies, Linda Zieper, identified several books and websites which have been compiled into a handy black history month resource that is available for you to download.

Since this page lists only a fraction of the library’s available resources and relevant websites, readers wanting to do more research should check out Ms. Zieper’s African & African American Studies LibGuide. We hope you find this celebratory page interesting and helpful. If you have questions or need help finding something specific, let us know!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the inaugural event of UMassD’s Black History Month: A presentation by Dr. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, “Now You See it, Now You Don’t! The Sweet Enchantment of Post-Racial Racism in Contemporary America.” The presentation is on Feb. 4, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. in our Claire T. Carney Library’s Library Grand Reading Room. A reception will follow the presentation at 1:30 p.m. in the UMass Dartmouth Frederick Douglass Unity House.



The Claire T. Carney and UMass Law libraries “Go Live” With New Next Generation Library Systems Alma and Primo – Jan. 22nd, 2013

Announcing the unveiling of Primo & Alma - a search box and results screen imageThe UMass Dartmouth Claire T. Carney Library and UMass Law library are pleased to announce the unveiling of the new library services platform Alma and the search discovery and access system Primo.

Selected to be part of an Alma Early Adopter Program, UMass Dartmouth Libraries join Boston College and Boston University in Massachusetts to become one of six libraries in the United State to “Go Live” with the cloud-based Ex Libris Alma library unified resource management system and the Primo discovery search and delivery services. The Alma and Primo systems replace the Voyager integrated library system, first implemented in 1999, and the separate SFX, MetaLIB and DigiTool systems.

Benefits to You, the Researcher:

On the front end, Primo is a new search tool that enables the discovery of a wide range of materials like articles, books, images and other forms of electronic resources from a wide variety of sources within one search. Without leaving a search, a researcher will be able to access the available electronic materials online or send the results to email or a citation manager like RefWorks. A short list of advantages include:

  • Faster: You search just once to find and access all different kinds of materials.
  • Easier: After-search filters let you start with a simple keyword search and then refine your results by simply clicking on the filters you wish to apply.
  • bX Recommender: Many citations point to related articles. Recommendations based on data mining and structured analysis of usage data obtained from hundreds of research institutions worldwide.
  • Save your research: Save items or searches in a personal e-Shelf, or export them to RefWorks or EndNote.
  • Discovery: An advanced researcher may still need to rely on specialized databases in their field. Primo’s multidisciplinary search allows them to quickly discover valuable scholarly resources and information from other sources that they may not have found otherwise.
  • Added features: Examples include book covers, material type images, and multiple limiting and sorting options.

On the back office side, Alma allows library staff to move more efficiently through acquisition and metadata phases of work allowing researchers to gain faster access to new materials and online resources purchased by the library. Alma’s internal business intelligence tools allow staff to better analyze such things as purchasing processes, collection usage, and other essentials important to collection analysis and development work.

More Information on the New Systems:

Alma is a library services platform that supports the entire suite of library operations for print, electronic, and digital resources. Located in a cloud-based community environment consisting of other academic and research libraries, Alma will provide new opportunities for a collaborative metadata management and back office work like collection analysis, acquisitions, fund management, cataloging, and maintenance of knowledgebases that work to connect search results with online access links and print resource inventories.  On the back end, this next generation library system will unify, simplify, and allow library staff to work in a much more efficient manner while allowing staff to take on new functions and efforts vital to future library activities.

Primo is a web-scale discovery and delivery system that works with Alma to virtually transform the library’s ability to deliver better and deeper access to the wide array of information resources and databases licensed for access by the university libraries. These new systems will provide an enhanced user experience for UMass Dartmouth student and faculty researchers and dramatically expand the researcher’s ability to discover and access to scholarly publications and information resources relevant to research, work and creative needs.

Starting on January 22, 2013, access the new systems here:

Books to Go @ Carney Library! Look for Them On The Shelves In the New Carney Library Café/Lounge.


Books to Go @ Carney Library

Looking for a time out from work and studies?
Marking time in between classes?
Looking for inspiration? Or just a good laugh?
BTG may just be the answer.

It’s a new collection of books to read and return with no time limits and no charge. They’re on the shelves in the luxurious Café/Lounge. Pick up a SF/fantasy classic, a disturbing mystery, or a brilliant short story to read here or take away.

No check-out……No waiting list…..No fines……

Read and Return

And feel free to drop off one of your own to exchange or add.

BLC WorldCAT & MassVC Virtual Catalogs Currently Unavailable During Library’s Transition to new ALMA Library System

Virtual Catalogs are down at Carney LibraryThe virtual catalog direct lending services of the Boston Library Consortium (BLC WorldCAT NRE) and the Massachusetts Virtual Catalog (MassVC) are temporarily unavailable through the Carney Library. UMassD Library Services are in the midst of implementing and transitioning to a new library system, Alma by Ex Libris. In addition, the Massachusetts Virtual Catalog is in the beginning phases of moving to a new platform for its MassVC operations. During the transitions at UMassD and the changeover to new systems at the MassVC, these systems will be unavailable until further notice. In the meantime, all requests for books and articles can be still be submitted through the Carney Library’s Interlibrary Loan Services.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.