Position Opening for Library Assistant IV at the UMass Dartmouth Claire T. Carney Library

Library Assistant IV

General Statement of Duties and Responsibilities:

Primary supervisor of Access Services during the evening hours; Supervises and organizes functions assigned to the circulation desk to insure the smooth flow of circulating materials to borrowers during the evening; Supervises student workers; Responsible for daily management of library fines and billing process and is liaison with the Registrar’s office and all other University Libraries’ billing agents; Manages the sending of overdue and fine notices through the library’s ILS; Designs and writes forms, handbooks, schedules, policies and procedures under the direction of the Circulation Manager to facilitate the smooth operation of Access Services operations; Monitors the borrowing of all library materials; Charges, renews and discharges library materials; Aids library users in locating and using materials;  Plans the use of available floor and shelf space; Performs related work as required.

The Library Assistant performs a range of duties relating to acquiring, processing, and making available resources to library users, as well as assisting users in discovery and use of resources. Primary responsibility may lie within a single department or division, but due to the interoperability of library systems and patron service needs, individuals may be cross-trained in multiple departments.

For the complete position description please go to:


Are You a Science Fiction Fan? The Kickoff Meeting of the Dystopian Fiction Book Club is on Oct. 5th. Join Us To Help Us Plan the Year and While We’re At It, We’ll Discuss “Ender’s Game.” Your thoughts?

Dystopia UMassD - Join the Club ... the book clubAre you a science fiction fan? Love The Hunger Games series? Enjoy squeezing in some fun reading in between textbook chapters?

The odds are in your favor that the Dystopian Fiction Book Club is for you!

We’ll be meeting again this academic year for monthly book discussions.

Our first meeting will take place on Monday, October 5th at 2pm in Library 314. We’ll be having a general kickoff, talking about the upcoming year and possible book choices.

We’ll also be discussing Ender’s Game, the fantastic novel by Orson Scott Card. If you’ve seen the movie, you only know half the story, so you’ll definitely want to read this one! Copies of Ender’s Game will be available at the library’s circulation desk, and can be checked out for 3 days at a time. We hope that will give everyone plenty of time to read it by October 5th.

Even if you don’t have a chance to finish Ender’s Game, come to the meeting anyway! We want to hear your thoughts about what the book club should be like this year, and what you want to read!

Contact Hilary Kraus ( hkraus@umassd.edu / 508-999-8681 )

Library Game Night – We would LOVE your donations!

Carney Library Game NightThe Carney Library is organizing several game nights in the library Living Room this semester starting Sept. 24th. Big thank you to the members of the UMass Dartmouth community who have already given us several games to use, but we are still looking for more sets from all the categories below to make sure we have enough.

If you have board games that you would like to donate…We would LOVE to have them!

We are organizing some potential themes:

  • Monopoly (Monopoly – Classic or if possible themed sets would be great)
  • Word Games (Scrabble, Word up, Boggle, Bananagrams, etc.)
  • Kiddie Games (Candy Land, Mousetrap, Trouble, Chutes and Ladders, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Sorry, Operation, Connect Four, Life, etc.)
  • Build It Games (Legos (loose fine, sets if complete, Lincoln Logs, Jenga, Tinker Toys, etc)
  • Trivia Night (Trivial Pursuit, Worst Case Scenerio, Cranium, Scene It, Don’t Quote Me, etc.)
  • Act It Out (Pictionary, Charades, Taboo, Scattergories, Balderdash, Twister etc.)
  • Strategic Games (Stratego, Risk, Battleship, Rummikub, Dominos, Triominos, Clue)
  • Card games (UNO, Phase 10, Old Maid, Yahtzee, etc.)

So if you have any of these games, or similar ones, we would love to have your donations! We prefer games/sets with all their pieces, but even those that are missing some can be useful as we anticipate having to replace lost pieces eventually.

Donation collection will be at the Carney Library Circulation desk and if you have any questions, please contact Kari Mofford, kmofford@umassd.edu

Sharing library group study tables without the awkward interactions

Just Turn It Over: New Library Open/Taken Study Table SignsWelcome back! You will notice these new signs on the 3rd and 5th floors on all the group study tables.

In our last library survey many of you told us that often large group study tables were difficult to find open and sometimes there would only be one person sitting at the table. Large multi-person tables are not meant for solitary study, and should not be “reserved” by a single person, but it still can make for an awkward situation to ask the person if you can join them. So to make this easier we are piloting a new system that should make this type of interaction less uncomfortable for all involved. If you are by yourself at a table, please turn the sign to say “Open” unless you are expecting more team/group members to join you, then turn it to “Taken.” If you leave the table, please make sure to turn the sign to “Open” again. But if there is a table with a “Taken” sign and no one there, consider it open. Most likely, someone forgot to turn it back. :)

Please let us know how this is working for you, so we would love your feedback!

Welcome back! We hope you had a great summer. Stop by the Carney Library, we’ve got few things for you to check out (and to remind you of!)

Welcome Back! Arnie Greets Returning Students in Library Learning CommonsWelcome back! We hope you had a great summer.

So now that you’re back we thought we’d remind you about a few things.

The library is on new semester hours starting on Monday, but if you’re unsure you can always check our library calendar to see our hours for each day.

There are lots of study spaces throughout the library for individual and group study and we’ve added more movable white boards to help you work things out. And, on the 3rd and 5th floors we have new signage to help you make the best use of the large group study tables. Of course on the first and second floors, there are the Learning Commons and Scholarly Commons complete with computers and printing facilities. And near the Learning Commons on the first floor there is a large quiet study space in the South Reading Room.

Need a laptop for your work in the library? Check one out at the first floor Circulation Desk. Want to schedule a place for your group to study, then go online and reserve the room! Or perhaps wish to just notify a friend about where you’re going to be studying in the library. Then send them a link with a pointer on a library floor map of where you’ll be using the Find Me Here tool.

If your back and already thinking about your senior project, your master’s thesis or the big paper you’ll have to write this semester, you might want to look up one of our expert subject librarians to help you with your research.

Wait, you’re back, but your an online student. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our Library Services for Online Learners guide. And look here later for a schedule of library services online orientation sessions that are being planned for you.

On the other hand, if just finished moving back in and are looking for some stress free reading to relax with, check-out our New Books Shelf just across from the elevators on the first floor or pop over into the Library Living Room and see what’s there for you on the Books to Go @ The Carney Library shelves.

Anyway, we hope you get the point. We’re glad you’re back and we hope that you’ll stop by at one of our service points and ask if there is some way we can be of help … or if you want, just to say Hi!

Welcome Back!

Carney Library Staff

Finding Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources (OER) are digital teaching and learning materials that are free for faculty and students to use. Not only can OER materials save students money, but because they are free, they may also increase student access to required readings, films, etc. This has the potential to have a very positive impact on learning outcomes. However, according to Opening the Curriculum, a 2014 study funded by The Babson Survey Research Group and Pearson, “The most significant barrier to wider adoption of OER remains a faculty perception of the time and effort required to find and evaluate it.” The Scholarly Communications Committee and our campus librarians can make this task a little less daunting.

As you know, every academic department has a librarian liaison. Your liaison can help you identify high quality open educational resources as well as materials available through library subscriptions. Contact your librarian liaison to help you identify course readings or videos. Your liaison may be able to create a list of potential alternatives if s/he is provided with citations of the works you’re currently using with your class. Since these alternatives will be free to the students, you will be saving them money while ensuring that all students have access to the material regardless of the their ability and willingness to purchase the items.

The Scholarly Communications Committee has compiled a guide to OER resources for faculty interested in exploring the topic further.

Best wishes for a successful semester.

Matt Sylvain & Allison Cywin, Co-Chairs of the Scholarly Communication Committee
Committee Email: scholarlycommunications@umassd.edu

Easy ILL Requests with BrowZine

Images of BrowZine If you’re familiar with BrowZine, you know how it makes browsing your favorite journals VERY simple. Now it is even easier. If the full-text of a current issue is unavailable, you can request an article through interlibrary loan (ILL). When you click the “Open” button on iOS devices or the “Tap here to request” link on Android, you will automatically populate an ILL form. It’s that easy! We will get the article for you and have it delivered electronically to your ILL account.

Questions: Send us a message! 




Congratulations Graduates! UMass Dartmouth Commencement 2015 – Claire T. Carney Library Staff

Conagratulations from Claire T. Carney Library Staff - Image of Commencement Program and Student Celebrating

You made it! Congratulations from the staff of the Claire T. Carney Library!

For more commencement information, check the UMass Dartmouth Commencement site.

Commencement Photo Galleries via UMassD PhotoGraphics!: