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Library Renovation Campaign Begins With Library Named in Honor of Claire T. Carney

UMass Dartmouth Library Renovation Campaign Begins with nearly $3 Million in Commitments.

Library named in honor of UMass Dartmouth alumna, former trustee, and advocate Claire T. Carney.

From the UMass Dartmouth Press Release – See full release with more information.

Unveiling the Claire T. Carney Portrait

UMass Dartmouth kicked off a major library renovation campaign tonight, announcing nearly $3 million in private gifts and the naming of the library in honor of alumna, former trustee, and staunch advocate Claire T. Carney at the first annual “Blue & Gold Gala.”

The gala, held in the library, attracted more than 500 members of the region’s corporate and civic community. The campaign, the first major capital campaign in UMass Dartmouth history, is designed to $6 million in private funds to be matched by $4 million in university funds to renovate the 250,000 square foot facility that opened 35 years ago.

Go to full press release full release with more information.

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The More Things Change… a description of the class of 2010 – Christine Frizzell, Ed.D – Faculty Senate/Library Brown Bag Lecture Series

Incoming students were formed by a rapidly changing world. Assumptions about “what is” might have to be changed by the students and by the faculty and staff. A description of the class of 2010 will include some of their more common characteristics and habits.

Speaker: Christine Frizzell, Ed.D
Place: Library Browsing Area
Date: 10/25/06 – Wednesday
Time: 12:00 – 1:30 pm

A Faculty Senate/Library Brown Bag Lecture Series Presentation