Tell Us What You Think! Participate in the Library LibQual + Service Survey

Dear Member of the UMass Dartmouth Community,

The Claire T. Carney Library is participating in LibQual+, a nationally
recognized evaluation tool that measures user satisfaction with various
aspects of the library and its services. The survey is electronic and
is managed at Texas A&M University.

We invite you to participate in the survey. Your participation will
assist the library in the following ways:

* Help us to understand how the UMass Dartmouth community rates
library services.
* Allow us to benchmark UMass Dartmouth results against other
libraries to determine best practices.
* Let us know where we can concentrate service improvements for
Claire T. Carney Library users.

Past experience has shown that it takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete
this electronic survey which examines your expected level of service,
your lowest acceptable level of service, and your actual perceived level
of service.

As a token of our appreciation for your time and consideration, if you
include your e-mail address at the end of the survey, your name will be
entered into a drawing for one of 50 prizes that will be awarded after
the survey is complete. The prizes are:

* 1 iPod – 80GB (compliments of Apple Inc.)
* 1 iPod nano – 4 GB
* 1 iPod shuffle – 1 GB
* 47 $10 food vouchers to be used at any food outlet on campus

A significant level of participation is important. If you participate,
your responses will be held in confidence. No identifying links between
responses and individuals will be retained. Combined data only will be

Please complete the survey at right now, if possible,
but no later than March 9, 2007.

Add your own comments about the library in the comments box provided at
the end of the survey. Your comments are extremely useful.

Thank you for taking this opportunity to assist us in serving you better.

If you have difficulty accessing or completing the survey, please
contact me at

Robert Green
Vice Chancellor, Library Services, Information Resources and Technology