Daily Archives: March 10, 2008

Guide to Dartmouth’s April 1st Elections – A Dartmouth Public Library/Claire T. Carney Library Collaboration

In collaboration with Claire T. Carney Library, Dartmouth Public Libraries produced an informative guide to the April 1st town elections. The guide provides access to YouTube interviews with candidates for Select Board, candidate-written editorials, key ballot questions, and essential voter information on topics such as registering to vote and voting locations.

A major professional publication, Library Journal, wrote “it’s one of the finer pages I’ve seen in my ongoing survey of public libraries’ election-education initiatives: easily accessible, simply organized and straightforwardly designed, seriously informative…”

We encourage town residents to be civically engaged and to make informed voting decisions. The library’s “Smart Voting Begins at the Library” guide will certainly help residents achieve this goal.