Daily Archives: June 6, 2008

Claire T. Carney Library Associates Donation and Newly Elected Officers

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Library Associates presented a check for $3,500 to Library Dean Sharon Weiner at their annual meeting on May 14. The purpose of the donation is to purchase books in the humanities, specifically, music, art, English literature, and history. They also presented a plaque that recognized a program organized by the Library Associates this year, “Four Male Authors.”

Dean Weiner gave a presentation on the symbolic value of libraries.

The following officers were elected for 2008/09: President, Cindy Yoken; Vice President, Richard Kugler; Recording Secretary, Claudette Roy; Corresponding Secretary, Maureen Lewis; Treasurer, Diane Xavier; Assistant Treasurer, Rita Raymond; Members at Large, Melvin Levine, Walter Mierzejewski, Robert Moore; Nominations, Norman Brassard; Membership, Joyce LeBlanc; Programs, Mel Yoken; Hospitality, Donna Brown and Maria Sanguinetti; Publicity, Richard Ward; Donations, Virginia Callas; Historians, Cecelia Denwood and Edith Andrews; Literary Group, Susan Gabert and Janet Friedman; Library Liaison, Damaris Chapin-Berner.”