Welcome Science Boot Camp Recruits! – You’re one of 60 librarians from 5 states attending

UMass Libraries Welcome Science Boot Camp Recruits

UMass Libraries Welcome You to Science Boot Camp!

This Science Boot Camp is a first effort to prepare librarians to be leaders and participants in E-Science initiatives.

Reference librarians will be introduced to the basics of recent emerging disciplines. Science Boot Camp will introduce participants to Bioinformatics, Nanotechnology and GIS. Speakers will provide an introduction to the science, provide insights into the types of data that
are used in the discipline and give examples of applications of the data. Participants will also be introduced to data sources, websites and resources that are used in these disciplines.

Participants will come away with a better understanding of these disciplines and will be more prepared to assist students, faculty and researchers in their quest for and use of scientific data.

Over 60 librarians from 5 states are participating in this year’s camp. More information about the boot camp …

Directions to UMass Dartmouth.