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Try the New IEEE Xplore Digital Library! Faster and Easy to use with powerful search options

IEEE Xplore Screen ExampleThe IEEE has launched a major upgrade to its IEEE Xplore Digital Library. The new IEEE Xplore sports a more robust search engine, a clearer and more efficiently designed basic interface with faceted navigation and refinement capabilities along with an advanced interface option for power users.

Other features include:

  • a type ahead feature that displays a list of suggestions that eases entry and decreases the possibility of spelling errors and zero search results
  • results that can be refined by subject, year, author, affiliation, publication title, and type of publication
  • the ability to create a personal account in which you can save search preferences, save searches and set up alerts. The alerts can be set to send you notifications (email alerts or RSS Feeds) whenever research relevant to your search is added into IEEE Xplore

Note: Those with accounts and alerts set up in the previous version of IEEE Xplore will need to set up a new account and recreate the searches and alerts in this new version. Sorry!

For a nice overview of the new system, try the new IEEE Xplore overview video.

If you have any questions or would like further information and help using IEEE Xplore please contact Paige Gibbs, Engineering Librarian (Send email).

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