Library Mobile Beta Now Available – Please Test It!

Library Mobile BETA Logo

The library’s Mobile Beta is here! –> On your mobile device

It’s limited and not perfect, but hey, it’s a BETA!

It’s BETA because we need you to help us test it.

For now, we’re starting with some features that we hope you find usable:

  • get directions from where you are to the library
  • telephone numbers and email forms via a mini library directory & liaison list
  • know your library liaisons and how to contact them
  • Search Voyager catalog with a display downsized for mobile. Find books and materials complete with call numbers and availability info
  • Keep ’em on your screen and walk up stairs (if you in the library) or mail to yourself as you go. Heck, look ’em up while your in stacks – your mobile!

It’s BETA so tell us what you think!