Daily Archives: April 16, 2011

Dr. Bachand’s Informative Talk on the Zoque Is Well Received at UMass Dartmouth

Many thanks to Bruce Bachand for an intriguing and highly informative talk. He could have chosen many venues to deliver his first U.S. presentation about his National Geographic Society funded discovery and chose UMass Dartmouth! It was a great opportunity for our students and community to learn about the Zoque and hear from someone who attributes the origins of his success to the education he received here at UMassD.

A gracious speaker, Dr. Bachand thanked several of his UMass Dartmouth professors for spurring his interest in anthropology and archeology. His recognition included Dr. Larry Miller, who Dr. Bachand recalls was especially influential in determining the trajectory of what has become an accomplished career. Dr. Bachand also noted the importance of libraries to his studies and noted that he served as a student employee at what is now the Carney Library.

Dr. Bachand stated that his discovery is not without controversy and debate. He argues that his archeological find offers evidence that the Zoque were/are a unique cultural group, separate from the Olmec and Maya. While major associations and publications have yet to recognize Zoque as distinct, he hopes that that will change as he and his team present their new evidence. We look forward to watching his progress and learning more about the Zoque as Dr. Bachand makes the case for unique cultural identity.