Test and review the SYNTHESIS Digital Library of Electrical Engineering, Computer, And Information Science

The library is offering a trial of the Synthesis database and would like your input.  Synthesis provides access to the latest resources for electrical, computer and information engineers. Aimed at an undergraduate and beginning graduate level these fully searchable resources provide in-depth treatment on current topics in YOUR area.

Try the Synthesis Database NOW!

From the publisher:

“Synthesis content is meant to capture the best of the traditional book and journal publishing models and is perfect for advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students in engineering, computer and information science. We offer brief but focused book-length treatments (usually 100 pages or so) of fast-moving areas – areas that are usually too fast or too new for textbook or monograph. These topics would traditionally have found an outlet only through journals or proceedings but of course such articles are very constrained and intended only to present original research results. Our titles are instead meant to be pedagogical showing a non-expert how to begin research and design projects without wading through journal literature, textbooks or monograph/reference works.”

“We get the best authors because they, more than anyone, feel the limitations of traditional book and journal publishing (too slow and too limited, respectively). They see the need for a teaching and learning approach to these new areas, the kind that Synthesis delivers”.

Questions? Contact your Engineering Librarian Liaison, Paige Gibbs.