Changes, Changes, Changes: A New Library Entrance and the relocated Circulation Desk opens for service

New Library Entrance and Circulation Desk

The library renovation and expansion project is well underway.

The most obvious changes are:

  • the new entrance to the library;
  • the outside stairs to the second floor have been removed;
  • the circulation desk has been moved and expanded;
  • and the four and fifth floors of the library are closed.

The new entrance faces the quad and is adjacent to the first floor circulation desk. It consists of an entryway that looks out towards the center of the campus and a ramp that is fully ADA compliant. This entrance will remain in use until the new entrances open as part of the new library addition. The stairs on the outside of the building that lead to the lecture halls and the second floor of the library have been removed. You will now have to enter the library to access those areas until the new grand staircase is opened as part of the new addition. The entrance from the parking lot side of the library that leads to the lower level remains open. A partion has been constructed that closes off this new “hallway” from the construction area, the bathrooms, and the loading dock storage area. The library/CITS instruction rooms and labs will remain open. The exterior stairway that leads down to the labs from the center of the campus will remain open throughout the construction process.

The library circulation desk has been relocated back near the new entrance and will remain there until the service moves into the new library addition.

The fourth and fifth floors of the library have been emptied of books, furniture, and shelving and are undergoing renovation. The floors are closed during this period.

It is an exciting time with much going on and, yes, some inconvience. The Library and CITS staff are doing all they can to minimize inconvience as much as possible during the construction period. There will be several phases of construction. Services, collections, and staff will be relocated during each of these phases. The end result will be a state of the art facility at the heart of the campus. Expected completion is set for Fall 2012.

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