Meet the Author – Debby Applegate: Henry Ward Beecher – The Most Famous Man in America – UMass Dartmouth

Book Cover: The Most Famous Man in AmericaWhat: Meet the Author, Debby Applegate
Where: Woodland Commons, UMass Darmtouth (Park in Lot 7)
When: Monday, 12/03/2012 7:00 PM to 9 PM

~ Free and Open to the Public ~

To be followed by a reception & book signing.

Sponsored by the Claire T. Carney Library Associates

Pulitzer-Prize winning writer Debby Applegate will speak on  Henry Ward Beecher: The Most Famous Man in America. This book,
researched for twenty years, tells the larger story of nineteenth-century America’s religious transition from a Puritan and  theocratic past to a ‘modern’ liberal orthodoxy premised on happiness, love, and the banishment of original sin.