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Shuttle Hours Expanded in support of 24/7 Library Hours – Dec. 3rd to Dec. 16th

Transportation Services Shuttle VanUMassD Transportation Services will operate 1 shuttle from 2:00 a.m. until 7:30 a.m. from December 3rd to December 16th in support of 24/7 library hours. Regular shuttle service will operate until 2:00 a.m. and begin again at 7:30 a.m. Together these routes will provide continuous service to the Library. This shuttle will operate only for students seeking transportation from or to the library. Service will be provided by a marked UMass Dartmouth shuttle and staffed by UMass Dartmouth Transportation Services Personnel.

Beginning at 2:00 a.m. the shuttle will loop through the stops listed below every 30 minutes and then return to the top of the library loading dock until its next loop. Students leaving the library may take the shuttle back to any of the designated stops or to their vehicle if parked on campus.

Shuttle Stops

Specific Pickup Location

Library The shuttle will pull up to the top of the library loading dock
Cedar Dell West Designated Corsair Shuttle Stop
Cedar Dell South Designated Corsair Shuttle Stop
Cedar Dell Middle Designated Corsair Shuttle Stop
Birch Front Entrance
Hickory Front Entrance
Woodland Commons Designated Corsair Shuttle Stop
Evergreen Front Entrance
Willow Front Entrance
Oak Glen/Pine Dale/Roberts/Chestnut Designated Corsair Shuttle Stop
Elmwood Designated Corsair Shuttle Stop
Maple Ridge Designated Corsair Shuttle Stop

Please contact the Transportation Office via email at transportation@umassd.edu or by phone at (508) 999-9175 with any questions regarding this service.

Thank You UMassD Transportation Services!!

Claire T. Carney Library Open 24/7 Starting Sunday, December 2nd at NOON!

Library Open 24 Hours

The Claire T. Carney Library will be open continuously from NOON on Sunday December 2 through 1:30 AM on Monday December 17.  This period covers the last days of classes and most of the final exam period.  Regular library services such as circulation/ reserve transactions will only be available on the same schedule as regular library hours.  IT assistance will be available at the Learning Commons service point on the 1st floor for all of the hours that the building is open.

Extended hours are for members of the UMD community only. Please have your UMass Pass with you as you ma be asked to present it during the overnight hours to verify eligibility for the extended hours.  If you need to obtain a UMass Pass, please go to their office located on the ground floor of the campus centerMonday – Friday 9 AM to 4 PM.

Personnel from the Department of Public safety and DART van service will be available.

These extended hours are sponsored by the Claire T. Carney Library, CITS, UMD Dept of Public Safety and Campus Services.

Please contact the Library Dean at tburton@umassd.edu for general information and the IT Student Services Center itstudentcenter@umassd.edu or 508-999-8884 for IT questions.

Terrance M. Burton
Dean of Library Services
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth