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The Claire T. Carney Library Addition Arrives with a “Soft Opening” on Jan. 22nd – Join Us for Coffee, Hot Chocolate & Treats at the New Café

Claire T Carney Library & New Addition

Welcome Back – to Your New Library Space!

It’s bright, spacious, and warm, especially near the new fireplaces. Join us for the “Soft Opening” on the first day of the  spring semester, Tuesday, Jan. 22nd. We’ll be waiting for you in the new addition with hot chocolate, coffee and some treats at the new Café.

There is still work to be done, but after three years of construction, you’ve just got to come see it for yourselves. The new addition features a brand new space that serves as the new entryway for the Library. This “campus living room,” with its fifty-foot-tall windows, coffee tables, and low bookcases (and did we mention the two working fireplaces!) will make it the
campus’s best place to meet, talk, or study.

We’ll start at 7:30 a.m. and the Library Dean and Assistant Dean will be there to officially welcome you to your new library space.

** And please give thanks to the UMass Dartmouth Alumni Association for wanting to make your welcome back a little more special by sponsoring the hot drinks and treats. **

Note that the more formal grand opening of the fully renovated and expanded Library will be held on Tuesday, April 2 to kick off Chancellor Grossmans Inauguration festivities. A full schedule of the events focusing on the achievements of students, alumni, staff and faculty will be released soon.

See full press release at: https://www1.umassd.edu/communications/articles/showarticles.cfm?a_key=3085

Just for fun, check out a few of these before and after pictures and try to remember it as it was when you’re in the new space!

Center of New Addition - Before & After

Remember the moldy cement seating just outside the library. Looks a little different now!

Looking North from the old library entrance - Before & After

Now if you can remember looking straight ahead when you came out of the old library entrance … well, now you’re still inside, right near the new Circulation service point.

Circulation Desks - Old & New

And, speaking of the Access Services Circulation Desk … It’s now in the new space!

Looking Towards the Library from the Charlton College of Business

It’ll be a little different walking from the Charlton College of Business towards the new library entrance.

There will be a few more of these before and after pictures along with some views of the new library renovation and addition on the library’s “Library Building Renovation and Expansion Program” page. Look for them soon.