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Reminder: Library Online Services May Be Affected by University Early Morning Electrical Power Shutdown on Friday, May 24th from 4 am to 8am

To: Faculty, Staff & Students
From: Michael Hayes, Director of FPDC
Subject: University Power Shutdown Main Campus
Date: May 17, 2013

Project Description:

As part of a main campus infrastructure project at the Power Plant a University wide power shutdown will be required on Friday 24-May-2013 from 4am to 8am.

Facilities equipped with emergency generators will be supporting only life safety and other critical research systems. Faculty and Staff should power down any computers, printers, copier and other non-critical electrical devices.

Access is permissible with keys in facilities that are protected by card access.

Please secure critical equipment and power down any computers that may be affected during this power shutdown period.

During this time please contact Facilities FOC via Public Safety to report any
emergency issues at 508-999-9191.

Thank you for your patience while we complete this critical upgrade.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Michael Hayes,, ext. 8058