End-of-Semester Library Announcements

Crunch time is upon us and soon our library will be full of students working on group projects and studying for finals.  Here are a few tips that may help alleviate some stress.  

We begin 24/7 hours tonight, Monday, Dec. 3 until Monday, December 17 when we close at 1AM.  Also be aware for security you will need to have your UMass Pass to access the building after 10PM and until our normal open hours the next day.  

Group Study Rooms – Don’t forget to reserve time in our study rooms through the library website to make sure you can use them, as groups with reservations have priority of the space.  You get three hours per week in your name and we ask that if you make reservations please do so in consecutive blocks or have a group member use their time if needed.

Veterans’ Reading Room and Graduate Study Room – Don’t forget the Veterans’ Reading Room (354) and Graduate Study Room (306)…and if you are not a Veteran or Graduate Student, please respect that these rooms are designated for them.  

Quiet Study Area – The only designated quiet study area is located in the South Reading Room in the Learning Commons, first floor.  If you need complete quiet, please use this room.  Noise levels should be kept at respectable, conversational levels throughout the rest of the building.  

Finding Computers to Use – We have three computer classrooms (128, 225, 226) that are available for public computer use when no instruction sessions are being held.  We have schedules on each door to let you know when they are free and they are also listed on ReservIT if you want to check before you come to the library.  We also loan out laptops from the Circulation desk.  Be aware that these are due back the same day…actually an hour before the desk closes, so be mindful of the time so you don’t accrue overdue fines.

Sharing Large Study Tables – You may have seen our table tents on the 3rd and 5th floors that encourages everyone to share large tables as much as possible.  Please use these table tents to invite others to join you whenever you can, as finding a seat for an individual can be very challenging as the semester winds down. 

We are Here to Help! – Lastly, please contact the Librarians or staff (You can stop by the Learning Commons or Circulation Desk) if you have any issue or need assistance.  We also have security guards at night who can help.  We are here for you!  This building gets very full during this time of year and finding study space can be challenging. Please be respectful of others and remember this is a public space for everyone to use…so it may not be perfect for every expectation, but with everyone’s assistance we can make it work.