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You Need a UMass Pass ID for Certain Library Services

Do you have your UMass Pass ID (i.e., your student ID)? If not, please consider registering for one. You’ll find instructions at You can also contact the UMass Pass Office at 508-999-8134 or

Recently, we’ve received several questions from students unable to sign in to our catalog (also known as Primo). In all cases, these students had not yet registered for their UMass Pass.

New students typically get their UMass Pass IDs when they come to campus. Of course, this semester most students are working remotely and many have not yet applied for their IDs. If you’re one of these students, please consider getting your ID.

When you register for a UMass Pass, you will automatically get a library account. This will allow you check out physical materials from the library and to sign in to the library’s catalog. You’ll be able to manage your library account and to submit interlibrary loan and document delivery requests using a link in the catalog.

If you have questions about accessing library resources, please email

Library Virtual Book Club

The Library’s Virtual Book Club will be having a travel theme this year and we are picking a different continent for each meeting! Fiction/Non-Fiction is up to you and the genre is wide open so you can choose romance, mystery, sci-fi, horror, etc. We will also supply some suggestions of authors and titles with each month’s destination.

If you want to plan ahead, here’s where we’re heading this semester:

October = Antarctica (Oct. 14, Noon-1PM)
November = South America (Nov. 12, 2-3PM)
December = Asia (Dec. 4, 1-2PM)

Some Antarctica Ideas:
South Pole Station by Ashley Shelby
Shackleton: Antarctic Odyssey by Nick Bertozzi
Antarctica, by Kim Stanley Robinson
List by King County Library System of 10 Books Set in Antarctica =
List of Antarctica Books in Goodreads =

Questions? Contact either Olivia ( or Kari ( for meeting Zoom links and if you would like to be added to our email list.