Monthly Archives: November 2022

Welcome to the Digital Scholarship Hub (DiSH)!

The Claire T. Carney Library introduces a student-centric space where workshops will be held to demonstrate online tools and scholarly research methods. Digital Scholarship is a broad concept that refers to using digital platforms and methods to answer scholarly inquiries, conduct research, and create scholarly outputs. The DiSH is a multidisciplinary center that engages with data and digital content. This includes managing data, developing a project, digital mapping, and more. Think statistics, temperatures, product comparisons, finances, rankings – essentially, any scholarly scenario where conclusions can be drawn from organizing and manipulating information in a digital format.  The hub offers an opportunity for students to engage with and create knowledge outside of a traditional class setting. It is also an opportunity for multidisciplinary collaboration across campus.

The DiSH is piloting a data workshop series in November called “Fall in Love with Data” where graduate students in the Data Science program will facilitate workshops intended for an interdisciplinary audience. Please RSVP ( to attend a workshop, and join us for snacks and collaboration in a casual setting, room 135 on the first floor of the library. The facilitators of the first workshop in the series, “The Art of Problem Solving,” are enthusiastic about their area of expertise and about sharing their knowledge with others:

“I fell in love with data only when I realized that data is of no use unless you are searching for an answer or trying to solve a problem. Curiosity is my necessity.” – Vijay Mohan Yeddu, Data Science graduate student

“I believe data is the new oil and refining it wisely will supply an abundance of insights which help solve real-world problems!” – Abhiram Raju, Data Science graduate student

Contact Information for DiSH:
Emma Wood, Scholarly Communication Librarian
Phone: 508-999-8681