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UMassD Votes!

Election Day is on November 3, and UMassD Votes volunteers and your librarians want to make sure that everyone in our campus community who is eligible to vote can vote. UMassD Votes put together a very informative page where you can find information about registering, checking your registration status, applying for absentee or mail-in ballots, and finding your polling place. Information is available for residents of all states, not just Massachusetts. The deadline to register in Massachusetts is October 28. In Rhode Island, it’s October 4. Remember, mail is slower than usual these days, allow yourself as much time as possible if you are mailing in your application or ballot.

No matter your current registration status, head over to the UMassD TurboVote page to get help, sign up for important reminders, and/or let us know you are already registered and plan to vote. Your personal information and political affiliation will not be collected, we just want to know how many UMassD students are planning to vote. If you note that you need help, someone will be in touch.

If you are on campus, the library has Massachusetts registration applications and ballot information. Stop by to pick one up soon! Remember to wear a mask and bring your UMassPass to swipe into the building.

When combined, Millennials and Gen Z make up the highest percentage of eligible voters for the first time ever! Voting is our right. Let’s all exercise it for ourselves, and for those who cannot. Head to the polls in person or via mail this November!