Update on Claire T. Carney Library Addition & Renovations – May 18, 2011

TO: Faculty, Staff & Students
FROM: Peter Geldmacher, pgeldmacher@umassd.edu, ext. 8938
DATE: May 18, 2011
SUBJECT: Claire T. Carney Library Addition & Renovations

Consigli Construction will commence contract work at the Claire T. Carney
Library Addition & Renovation project in earnest beginning the week of
May 23, 2011.

During the week of May 23, 2011 the following activities are anticipated
to commence:

– The contractor will begin building a new temporary first floor entrance
to the Claire T. Carney Library which will be located facing the quad at the
end of the current circulation desk area. This entrance will be fully ADA
compliant and will be ramped into the building at this location.

– The site contractor and demolition contractor will mobilize. Initial
demolition will include but not be limited to the demolition of the existing
plywood walls, concrete walks within the fenced area as well as the removal
and disposal of the ceiling tiles and block at the columns located under the
lecture halls.

– Existing lighting within the contract fenced area will also be removed;
temporary lighting will be provided in various locations to help provide
adequate lighting for pedestrian traffic.

– Additional temporary fence and signage will be installed at the rear of
the Charlton Building so as to provide additional staging and storage area
for Consigli. This fencing will encompass the entire back side of the
Charlton Building which will require building occupants to gain access from
the South side (lot #13).

More information on this project’s schedule will be forthcoming shortly.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience that may be caused due to
performance of work under this contract. Please feel free to contact
Facilities, Planning, and Design & Construction at extension 9223 if you
have any questions regarding this announcement.