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We’re doing more than just renovating and adding to the library building … The Library Web Site is Being Renovated Too!

Library Web Site Renovation - Highlighted AreasWe’re doing more than just renovating and adding to the library building …

We’re renovating the library web site too!

Work has been underway for a good while now, but even so, the newly redesigned and renovated website will be a work in progress when it arrives!

We ask for your patience as you and we adjust to the new site and make note of the NEW LINKS to services and information that you have always access through the previous site.

1) The new site’s design is a variation of the campus website (Much thanks to our gracious colleagues on the University Website Team!) with a few special library tweaks and additions. AND there are still more additions and modificatins to come that we hope will serve you better.

2) The new site starts out with our quick search items at the top left of the page.

3) News and Images of the library in action on the right.

4) Quick Links dead centered with highlighted collections, resources and services next to it on the left.

5) At the bottom in UMassD gold section are “Spaces & Places” and “Find Who You Need” – both providing links to key information when you need it.

6) As always, our hours for that day and links to the library calendar are in the top right corner just above the library website search box.

We hope the renovation will prove to make the site more user friendly and easier to navigate (once you get used to the changes!).

Thank you for your patience during this library “renovation” process!

Some pages you might want to update from the old site are:

Title of Page New Site URL Old Site URL
Articles & Databases https://www.lib.umassd.edu/find/articles-
Library Hours & Events https://www.lib.umassd.edu/about/calendar
Course & Subject Guides https://www.lib.umassd.edu/find/course-
Ask a Librarian! https://www.lib.umassd.edu/help/ask-librarian https://www.lib.umassd.edu
Library Presentations Online https://www.lib.umassd.edu/services