Science Fiction Book Club Kickoff Meeting

spaceDo you love The Martian, The Hunger Games, Dune, World War Z? Are you interested in science fiction, but don’t know what to read first? Do you enjoy squeezing in some fun reading in between textbook chapters? If so, the Science Fiction Book Club is definitely for you! (Yes, we used to be the Dystopian Fiction Book Club, but this year we’re open to exploring ambiguous or even positive visions of the future.) Students, faculty, and staff are all welcome.

Our kickoff meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 20th at 2pm in Library 314. At the meeting, we’d love to hear about your favorite science fiction books and why they matter to you. If you can’t make it to the first meeting, feel free to send your book suggestions by email and we’ll mention them for you. We’ll use your ideas to choose what to read together this year.

We’re excited to hear your thoughts about what the book club should be like this year, and what you want to read!

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