Magical Summer Book Club: August Meeting

Calling all readers! We’re enjoying a Magical Sumcastle-1054099_960_720mer with children’s fantasy novels.

Our final meeting is on Wednesday, August 17th , 12pm-1pm, Library 314. W e’ll discuss So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane. For details about the book, see the official web site for the series:

Faculty, staff, and students are all welcome. Feel free to bring your lunch!

Contact Hilary Kraus ( / 508-999-8681 )

Summer Book Club Meeting

The first meeting of “A Magical Summer,” the June-August incarnation of the Dystopian Fiction Book Club, will take place this Wednesday.
Please note! Due to the air conditioning situation in the library, we are meeting:

Wednesday , 6/22, 12-1pm

We’ll discuss the perennial favorite, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone , and choose books to read in July and August.

Given the time of day, feel free to bring your lunch! Faculty, staff, and students are all welcome.

Contact Hilary Kraus ( / 508-999-8681 )

Need Help Finishing those Research Papers?


The Claire T. Carney Library and the Writing and Reading Center have you covered. If you need help finding journal articles, statistics, etc., stop by the library’s reference desk or contact us online. If you need specialized help, consider contacting the librarian responsible for your major.

Finding it difficult to write that last paper or commit to its final revision?  Join other like-minded students for the Writing and Reading Center’s semi-annual “Write-in”
next Monday, May 2nd, from 8p.m. to midnight in LARTS 219. Tutors will be available, and refreshments will be served. No appointments required. Just bring your laptop (if you have one), and prepare to write.

Let’s do this…together!

Dystopian Fiction Book Club April Meeting Dates

DystopiaUMDThe Dystopian Fiction Book Club has selected its April meeting dates. By popular demand, we’ll meet twice to accommodate as many interested readers as possible.

Our meetings will take place:
ThursdayApril 14, 12pm-1pm
FridayApril 15, 2pm-3pm

Both meetings will be held in the Carney Library, Room 240.

We will be discussing The Man in the High Castle , Philip K. Dick’s novel that asks, what if the United States lost World War II? This dystopian novel is also the basis for Amazon Prime’s TV series of the same name.

Copies of The Man in the High Castle should be available at the library’s circulation desk early next week.

All are welcome to join us for our final discussions of the year. Enjoy your reading!

Contact Hilary Kraus ( / 508-999-8681)

Vote for the Library in the Architizer A+ Awards Finals

Library Living RoomThe Claire T. Carney Library is an Architizer A+Awards Popular Choice Finalist. This is a wonderful recognition, but we need your help to win the award! This is your opportunity to show support and earn some positive recognition for UMassD and the Carney Library. So if like and enjoy the renovated building, please vote for the Carney Library at
Voting will be open until Apil 1st. The winner will be announced on April 12th.

Dystopian Fiction Book Club @ the Carney Library – Come to the Final Discussion!

DystopiaUMDThe Dystopian Fiction Club will be meeting this April, date TBA, to discuss Philip K. Dick’s The Man in the High Castle.

From the publisher’s site:
“America, fifteen years after the end of the Second World War. The winning Axis powers have divided their spoils: the Nazis control New York, while California is ruled by the Japanese. But between these two states – locked in a cold war – lies a neutal buffer zone in which legendary author Hawthorne Abendsen is rumored to live. Abendsen lives in fear of his life for he has written a book in which World War Two was won by the Allies….”

Copies will soon be available at the library’s circulation desk and all are welcome to join us for our final discussion of the year.

Contact Hilary Kraus ( / 508-999-8681 )

Book Collections Honoring MLK & The Civil Rights Movement

Photo of Martin Luther King on the Mall in D.C.

Martin Luther King’s leadership and moral authority has inspired black Americans for more than 50 years.

 Young black people, proud and outspoken members of the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), organized their own form of struggle, adopting the strategy of non-violence while pressing forward on broader social change.

The Carney Library commemorates Martin Luther King and the Black History Month 2016 with books by and about people who led the fight for racial justice and equality.

Check out them out!  Discover the lives and experiences of men and women who changed society in the face of racism and brutality.

Images from Carney Library University Archives On Display Via – Check them out! They are cool!

Example of UMassD Carney Library Archives Digitized Images from Flickr.comIf you did not see the earlier post from our Carney Library University Archives, you might want to check out all the images recently extracted from books that our Carney Library Archives digitized and made discoverable. You can find these images by searching the terms “Claire T. Carney Library” at Our library archives images were made available by Kalev Leetaru, a Yahoo research fellow at Georgetown University. He extracted over 14 million images from over 2 million public domain eBooks held in the online Internet Archive ( Very cool, take a look at all of it. Try your own search combinations and see what comes up.

Try this search string to start: “Claire T. Carney Library”  or

Bravo Carney Library University Archives! Bravo Kalev Leetaru! Enjoy!