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Library to Close at 5 P.M. Today, Friday Sept. 7. Will Reopen at 9 A.M. Saturday Morning


The Claire T. Carney Library will close at 5 p.m. today as workers make repairs to the air conditioning system.

The library is expected to re-open on Saturday at 9 a.m.

— Notice from Public Affairs, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth —

We’re doing more than just renovating and adding to the library building … The Library Web Site is Being Renovated Too!

Library Web Site Renovation - Highlighted AreasWe’re doing more than just renovating and adding to the library building …

We’re renovating the library web site too!

Work has been underway for a good while now, but even so, the newly redesigned and renovated website will be a work in progress when it arrives!

We ask for your patience as you and we adjust to the new site and make note of the NEW LINKS to services and information that you have always access through the previous site.

1) The new site’s design is a variation of the campus website (Much thanks to our gracious colleagues on the University Website Team!) with a few special library tweaks and additions. AND there are still more additions and modificatins to come that we hope will serve you better.

2) The new site starts out with our quick search items at the top left of the page.

3) News and Images of the library in action on the right.

4) Quick Links dead centered with highlighted collections, resources and services next to it on the left.

5) At the bottom in UMassD gold section are “Spaces & Places” and “Find Who You Need” – both providing links to key information when you need it.

6) As always, our hours for that day and links to the library calendar are in the top right corner just above the library website search box.

We hope the renovation will prove to make the site more user friendly and easier to navigate (once you get used to the changes!).

Thank you for your patience during this library “renovation” process!

Some pages you might want to update from the old site are:

Title of Page New Site URL Old Site URL
Articles & Databases
Library Hours & Events
Course & Subject Guides
Ask a Librarian!
Library Presentations Online

Summer has arrived! But the air conditioning in the library has not :-( HVAC is being upgraded – Should be ready by July :-)

Summer is here! Hurray!

Alas, the library has no air conditioning during the buildings HVAC system upgrade that is going on now. While we anticipate the new system to be operational the week of July 2, July, 9thJuly 14th, July 20th (date revised 7/11/12), it will be hot in the building until the system is up and running.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Come in and check out a book or two and take them somewhere comfortable. While you are here, check out all the new library construction and renovations! They are moving forward!

Remember our resources and services are always cool when you access us online!

Summer is here! Enjoy! 🙂

A Article: UMass Dartmouth Library: Forward into the past

UMass Dartmouth Library: Forward into the past by Steve Urbon, March 01, 2012

The UMass Dartmouth Library is undergoing its first significant overhaul and expansion in its 40-year history, and the result will be both a move into the 21st century and a return to the original intentions of Brutalist architect Paul Rudolph.

Read more at:

Looking Ahead To The New Library – An Article In The UMass Dartmouth Torch Student Newspaper

Looking Ahead To The New Library by Austin Walker
The Torch, Feb. 9, 2012

Article features an interview with Jennifer McGrory of Austin Architects, an architect from one of the two architectural firms working on the design of the renovation and planned addition to the UMass Dartmouth Claire T. Carney Library.

Read the complete article at: The Torch

Herald News Article Highlights UMass Dartmouth Claire T. Carney Library Renovation Project

Books will be harder to find in UMass Dartmouth’s renovated library by Grant Welker
The Herald News (Fall River) , Feb. 9, 2012

The Claire T. Carney Library was designed in the 1960s as a warehouse for books — its most important features the rows and stacks of bookshelves.

Now that the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is renovating the library, its mission is going in the opposite direction. Half the university’s collection of physical books will be stored in a new basement below a new addition. Instead of four floors with books, there will be only two.

“It’s going to fundamentally change the experience for students coming to UMass Dartmouth,” said Robert Miklos, a project manager with Design LAB Architects of Boston.

The $43 million, three-year renovation and expansion of the library — the first major changes to the building since it was built in 1972 — is slated for completion this fall. When complete, the library will shift away from its book-first focus. Instead, it will prioritize spaces for students looking to meet with others, work on projects together or study quietly.

For now, only the fourth and fifth floors are open. The first, second and third floors are undergoing completely renovations. The only computer lab the library currently offers is in the basement, right next to the loud sounds of construction.

Read the complete article at:
The Herald News

Claire T. Carney Library Building Changes in January 2012

To:  UMass Dartmouth Students, Faculty and Staff


Terrance Burton, Dean of Library Services
Donna Massano, CIO and Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

Subject: Library Building Changes in January 2012

The next phase of the Claire T. Carney Library expansion and renovation project will take place in January 2012. It will bring a dramatic change in how the library building will be used during the spring semester and summer months. The concentration of collections, services and people onto the 4th and 5th floors and a small area of the lower level will be inconvenient. It will be very different from what people expect from a library but it is what needs to be done in order to complete the public portions of the renovation and addition for the start of the Fall 2012 semester. The patience and understanding of the entire university community during this time is greatly appreciated.

Below is an itemized list of temporary service and location changes.

1. Library Floors 4 and 5

The renovation of the 4th and 5th floors will be complete in mid-January. The floors are transformed into modern study and work spaces. Furniture and carpeting are new. Windows have been replaced. Restrooms are completely renovated. The climate control system has been upgraded. Books stacks are aligned differently on the 5th floor. Staff offices only (no collections) are present on the 4th floor.

2. Library Floors 1-3

In order to renovate floors 1-3, all people and materials need to move to another location. Most of the staff and materials will relocate to the 4th and 5th floors. All collections that will stay in the building will be moved to the 5th floor.

All of the student study seating will be on the 5th floor. This means there will be a limited number of seats available.

Circulation/Reserve and Reference services will be temporarily available at a combined desk on the 5th floor.

The computer labs will be located on the Library Lower Level and the Learning Commons Service Desk split, with computer help and printing on the Lower Level and Reference on the 5th floor .

Mobile Computing Loan Program (MCLP) will be located on the Library Lower Level.

3. Office of Faculty Development

The Office of Faculty Development will continue to hold events throughout the spring semester; however, the faculty lounge area will be temporarily closed. The new mailing address will be announced at the beginning of the semester.

4. Lab Reservations

Because of the Learning Commons renovation on the Library 1st floor, there is a significant reduction in the number of student workstations. To make available as many computers as possible, a “No Reservation Policy” will be in effect until the Learning Commons reopens in the Fall 2012 semester. This means that neither the Library Lower Level training rooms nor LARTS 216 may be reserved for instruction.

5. Access to the Building

In order to gain access to the upper floors, people will use the elevator or north stairs. These stairs will go all the way from the 1st through 5th floors. A minor renovation will happen prior to the start of the spring semester in order to open up this stairway. The elevator renovation will begin during the spring semester. There will always be one elevator available for public use. The only public space on the 1st floor will be a limited area between the entrance, elevator and stairs.

Access from the Parking Lot 13 and the Charlton College of Business will remain unchanged with the access to the building via the Loading Dock.

Terrance Burton
Dean of Library Services
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Road voice 508-999-8664
North Dartmouth MA 02747 email

Donna R Massano
CIO and Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
285 Old Westport Road voice 508-999-8043
North Dartmouth MA 02747 email

Changes, Changes, Changes: A New Library Entrance and the relocated Circulation Desk opens for service

New Library Entrance and Circulation Desk

The library renovation and expansion project is well underway.

The most obvious changes are:

  • the new entrance to the library;
  • the outside stairs to the second floor have been removed;
  • the circulation desk has been moved and expanded;
  • and the four and fifth floors of the library are closed.

The new entrance faces the quad and is adjacent to the first floor circulation desk. It consists of an entryway that looks out towards the center of the campus and a ramp that is fully ADA compliant. This entrance will remain in use until the new entrances open as part of the new library addition. The stairs on the outside of the building that lead to the lecture halls and the second floor of the library have been removed. You will now have to enter the library to access those areas until the new grand staircase is opened as part of the new addition. The entrance from the parking lot side of the library that leads to the lower level remains open. A partion has been constructed that closes off this new “hallway” from the construction area, the bathrooms, and the loading dock storage area. The library/CITS instruction rooms and labs will remain open. The exterior stairway that leads down to the labs from the center of the campus will remain open throughout the construction process.

The library circulation desk has been relocated back near the new entrance and will remain there until the service moves into the new library addition.

The fourth and fifth floors of the library have been emptied of books, furniture, and shelving and are undergoing renovation. The floors are closed during this period.

It is an exciting time with much going on and, yes, some inconvience. The Library and CITS staff are doing all they can to minimize inconvience as much as possible during the construction period. There will be several phases of construction. Services, collections, and staff will be relocated during each of these phases. The end result will be a state of the art facility at the heart of the campus. Expected completion is set for Fall 2012.

For more information and updates, please check the: