Library Renovation Project Begins! Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 – Phase I Preliminary Demolition Phase

TO:         Faculty, Staff & Students
FROM:       Peter Geldmacher,, ext. 8938
DATE:       July 31, 2009
SUBJECT:    Claire T. Carney Library Renovation Project – Preliminary Demolition Phase – Limited Library Access

Phase 1 of the Claire T. Carney Library Renovation Project/Renovation will begin this Tuesday, August 4th, 2009. This phase will consist of the removal of all concrete located beneath the bridge and lecture halls (campus gateway) connecting the Science and Engineering Building to the Claire T. Carney Library. Prior to removal of the concrete all asbestos-containing caulking adjacent to or located in the demolition area will be abated by a licensed professional. If you have questions concerning this abatement please contact Lee Nason at 508-999-8103.

During the construction process no access will be permitted through this campus gateway. The contractor will be building temporary access roads, installing fences, etc. to allow for traffic flow while restricting access to his work area. The demolition work is expected to take approximately 30 days. It is our goal to be 100% complete with the demolition portion of this work by September, 2, 2009. The contractor will install a new handicapped ramp adjacent to the library as part of this contract. This ramp will provide access through this gateway for a period of approximately two years.

During the demolition process entrance to the library will be limited to the west-side ground level loading dock door and the second floor corridor from the Science and Engineering Building. All other library entrance/egress doors will be open for emergency egress.  If using one of these two entrances would be a hardship, special access can be arranged through the library staff.

If you are a wheelchair user who requires building access and these arrangements would not meet your needs, please contact Deb Majewski at our office of Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Outreach (X9293); she will help address special circumstances that arise.

We apologize in advance for this inconvenience.  Questions may be referred to Peter Geldmacher of Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction at X-8938.