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UMassD Faculty Workshop: Education’s Open Future-The What, Why and How of Open Educational Resource

WHAT:  A Workshop On Education’s Open Future-The What, Why and How of Open Educational Resource
WHEN:  Friday, January 22, 2016 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
WHERE: Claire T. Carney Library, Room 314

~ Breakfast starts at 9:30am, Lunch will be served at 12pm, All faculty are welcome. ~

DESCRIPTION ABSTRACT: Open Educational Resources (OER) are getting more and more attention as an important element in the future of education. What does that mean for educators and students? Join us for a talk and workshop on Education’s Open Future to find out what Open Education is, what impact OER are already having on teaching and learning, who’s doing open education projects, how to understand and apply open licenses, and how to find OER that you can use. Join us for an overview talk to learn more about OER and its impact, and stay for the workshop on finding and evaluating OER if you can. Please bring a laptop or tablet to the workshop so you can explore resources on the web.

PRESENTER BIO: Mary Lou Forward is the Executive Director of the Open Education Consortium. Among its activities, the OEC supports the development of open educational projects and policies around the world; provides consulting and training in digital, online and open strategy; and maintains the international Directory of Open Education Professionals. Prior to joining the Open Education Consortium, Mary Lou served as the Dean of African Studies for SIT Study Abroad for nearly two decades. During this time she incorporated technology and distance learning in international educational programming and developed opportunities to collaborate across countries and between diverse student and faculty groups.

To register, please go to the main event calendar. If you have any questions, please contact Sandy Viveiros at, Link for registration:

All Hail Librarians! A UMassD Faculty Member Praises Librarians

As posted by UMassD Faculty Member, Lisa Maya Knauer, on the library’s Facebook page (since you can’t see her post unless you’re in her Facebook friends we’ve reposted it here):

All Hail Librarians!

Time to sing the praises not only of libraries but of librarians — because a library is not only an architectural structure, a physical location, or simply a collection of books and other written and audiovisual materials. While I have ample appreciation of the physical space of the library, which can be a pleasant oasis or a life-saving refuge, and the books and other materials that are contained therein, I also want to give a shout out to librarians. I am proud to count several librarians and archivists (not quite the same, but close relatives to librarians, in terms of training, breadth of knowledge, and passion for the written word) among my dear friends (although at least one is no longer working the field). For academics and researchers — especially ones like myself who are temporarily away from home — library staff (at both my own university library and other institutions) are true lifesavers. I am still in awe of interlibrary loan, and view it as a minor miracle, especially for articles: even though my university library does not subscribe to all the journals and databases I need, nor does it have all the books I’d like. But I’ve rarely requested an article or book that interlibrary loan has not SOMEHOW managed to find for me. The library staff has also been generous enough to scan some book chapters for me, as I am a few thousand miles away in a different country and not easily able to march over and sign out books.

While I am especially appreciative of my university librarians, I also have found that even in somewhat remote branches of the public libraries, a conversation with the library staff is usually productive and rewarding. If there isn’t already a “librarian’s appreciation day”, there oughta be!

Dr. Sharon Weiner, Dean of Library Services, co-chaired the third annual Peabody Academic Library Leadership Institute at Vanderbilt University from July 6-10, 2008

Dr. Sharon Weiner, Dean of Library Services at the UMassD Claire T. Carney Library, co-chaired the third annual Peabody Academic Library Leadership Institute at Vanderbilt University from July 6-10, 2008.  Twenty-five Institute Fellows represented colleges and universities in 17 states.  Several from under-represented groups and minority-serving institutions were awarded Laura Bush Scholarships from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to attend.  The Institute speakers were nationally-recognized figures in higher education leadership.  They focused on understanding the higher education environment so that library leaders can position their libraries to support institutional missions.

Turnitin, a plagiarism detection service, is now available to all UMass Dartmouth Faculty

To All Faculty,

Library Services, Information Resources and Technology(LSIRT)is pleased
to announce Turnitin, a plagiarism detection service, is now available
to all UMass Dartmouth faculty.

Turnitin evaluates the originality of students’ work by comparing their
electronic documents to online sources and the Turnitin databases.
Turnitin searches for textual matches from current copy and archived
copies of publicly accessible Internet pages, subscription databases,
and a UMass Dartmouth database of previously submitted work. Once a
paper has been submitted to the database, an originality report is
generated that highlights text matches to other documents. Faculty will
then need to review and evaluate the report to determine if plagiarism
is present.

Click here to get started using Turnitin,

Look for Turnitin drop-in training/question and answer sessions to be
announced in September.

Library Services, Information Resources and Technology

Further information about Turnitin:

Additional questions should be directed to:
Instructional Development
508 999-8501
Library Reference Department
(508) 999-8678